Yel Zamor


My name is Yel Zamor and I’m a London-based digital colourist.
My roots are thoroughly multi-cultural; I was born in Russia and spent my childhood in Latvia before moving to the UK in the mid-nineties. Growing up with Asterix and Disney comics, I developed a fondness for visual storytelling which led me first to complete a Media Arts degree in university and then pursue a career in illustration.

I continue to colour comic projects for Orang Utan Comics, Markosia and others, continuing to expand my skills as a comic artist, illustrator and graphic designer.

Colour work


'Danick and the Dragon'

  • Written by Ian Sharman, art by Simon Wyatt (OrangUtanComics/Markosia)

'Long-forgotten Enemy'

  • Written by Ian Sharman (OrangUtanComics/Markosia) - FTL #1


  • Written by Andy Briggs & Steven Horvath, art by Tim Perkins (Markosia)



  • Written by Peter Rogers, pencils by Nuno Nobre, inks by Ian Sharman (OrangUtanComics) - FTL #1

'Schoolgirl Attack Squad'

  • Written by Ian Sharman, art by Dagger Punzalan (OrangUtanComics) - FTL #2

'Alpha Gods: Betrayal #2'

  • Written by Ian Sharman, art by Ezequiel Pineda (OrangUtanComics)

'Mark Starks' Martian: Surrounded' (Cover Colours)

  • art by Azim Akberali


'Alpha Gods: Betrayal #3 - Big Bad World'

  • Written by Ian Sharman, art by Ezequiel Pineda (OrangUtanComics)

'The Only Good Dalek' (Additional Colours)

  • Written by Justin Richards, art by Mike Collins (BBC Books)

'Hero: 9 - 5'

  • Written by Ian Sharman, art by David Gray (Markosia)


'Dear Darkness'

  • Written by Rivka Jacobs. Art by Paty Cockrum. Inks by Ian Sharman. (Orang Utan Comics) FTL #5

'Spirit of Hope' (anthology - short story contribution)

  • Written by Paul H. Birch, Pencils by Gary Crutchley (Comic Book Alliance)

'A Well Hung Man' (Cover Colours)

  • Art by Gary Crutchley. (Lazy Bones Studios)

'The Interactives'

  • Written by Peter Rogers. Art by Luciano Vecchio. (Markosia)

‘Thrill Electric’ (# 4 Cover Colours)

  • Art by Gary Erskine (Hat Trick)

‘Cataclysm’ #1 (unpublished)

  • Written by Liam Hayes, art by Dong Beniga Jr.

'Need for Speed: The Run'

  • Art by various, colours of in-game cutscenes. (EA Black Box / Firebrand Games)



  • Full art cover for issue #2.
  • Issue #3 cover. Art by Dave Stokes. (Markosia)

Medikidz: Lantus

Boardgame Online

  • Game graphics, ongoing.

'Shrapnel: Case Files' #1

  • Written by Holly Rose, lineart by Katrine Rasmussen. (Orang Utan Comics)

Medikidz Explain MRI (uk)

  • Written by Dr. Kim Chilman-Blair (BSc, MBChB) and Chris Kipiniak, Pencils by Yan Luo

The Turnscape

  • Written by Liam Hayes, lineart by Diego 'Novanim' Zúñiga

Roller Derby Injuries

Roller Derby Illustration


Madefire's 'Hybrids: The Irons'

  • #1 - #4 Motioncomic colours, lineart by Gary Erskine, written by Haden Blackman

'Mother's Basement Promo' - three posters.

  • Lineart by Gary Erskine. (SFX magazine #239, #240)

‘Parassassin’ - Aces Weekly

  • Written by Jasper Bark, Art by Alfa Robbi.

'Roller Grrrls Poster'

  • Lineart by Gary Erskine. (Lead Jammer magazine #7)